Praise for Restoration Manager

REO American

At REO American we were looking for a product that our field personnel could use to quickly complete an inspection of a property, determine its condition and allow us to create a detailed estimate of the cost to restore the property to a rentable or saleable condition. Service Software’s “Restoration Manager” and Mobile products allow…

Arleen Simonetti
Environmental Coordinator, Insurance Restoration Specialists, Inc.

Dawn, I cannot thank you enough for all the help you gave us today. We are struggling a little; but I think as our confidence grows we will do better. It is good to have you for a lifeline!!! Restoration Manager.NET is a great tool. You are the best and I will say it again…

Melanie Klunder
Hays & Sons Complete Restoration

I just want to say I love this app!!

Chris Burke
Guardian Restoration Florida

I sat in on the sales and marketing webinar this week and was fortunate to be the only customer in the meeting.  Dawn Bryant was my instructor.  Dawn did a great job.  She followed the webinar script but made sure that she answered all of my questions along the way. Dawn was our original trainer and…

Jayne Haworth
Marketing Director, Single Source Disaster Recovery Specialists

Hi Dan, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the excellent ongoing support and scholarly tutelage I receive from Dawn Bryant in regard to Restoration Manager. As I’m sure you are fully aware, you have an exceptional employee on your hands.  Dawn’s calm, patient manner is a great help to me when…

Susan Jernigan
President, First General Services

Great job! You guys have given us great service and I appreciate how you have helped us get better organized with our process. Dawn is great and Dan has always been receptive to our suggestions for improvement! You are the best!

Mike Park
General Manager, Purofirst of Metropolitan Washington

Restoration Manager.NET has given us real time information to Manage our service teams and resources to maximize our gross profit margins. We now track our jobs and equipment usage using mobile pocket PC phones with bar coding technology, its saving us time and money by knowing where our equipment is and when it needs to…

Bob Held
Field Supervisor, Maxon's Restorations

Just worked a little today with the new tab and it’s great, we have come so far and just keeps getting better, one thing I did notice is if it’s the start of a new job and we have nothing on the job the equipment tab is not active, so you have to start it…

Phil Traylor
Level Creek Construction

The more we use the software the more we like it, You really should use us as a referral when you have a customer who is on the fence with which software to use. If we have a conversation with them we wouldn’t mind showing them a tutorial of ours which is a true data…

Mike Lanius
Top Dog Inspection Services

I met Dan Long at a trade show in Las Vegas, NV. I was in a very in depth search for a software solution for my inspection and mold remediation business. After looking at the capabilities of Restoration Manager and seeing how it would fit in and apply to our business I discovered that it…

Indoor Environmental Professionals

I wanted to send you a quick email and thank you and your staff for the excellent customer service    addressing a integration issue between Restoration Manager and QuickBooks after QuickBooks R6  update that has since been withdrawn. You and your staff spent several hours trying to resolve this  issue that wasn’t even a Service…