Run Your Business From the Palm of Your Hand

Intuitive Mobile is our mobile application that has been designed for use on iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones and tablets.

More Convenient and Easy to Use

  • Menu Driven – It’s simple to use, point and tap and the system takes you where you need to go!
  • Create Jobs in the Field – Add in new jobs 24/7 with your smartphone or tablet! Create a work order complete with pictures right from the field.
  • Job Details – Review job details that help you prepare for an appointment and make quick decisions.
  • Tasks – Create and review tasks on-the-go. Add in follow-up task reminders for all your To-Do’s!
  • Versatility that gives you more freedom!

With 3G and 4G phones prevalent in the market today you can access information, update job information, add documents and pictures anywhere you have web access in a simple and easy to use app!

Intuitive Mobile

Intuitive Mobile

Project Managers, Estimators and Field Techs

Information at your fingertips!

  • Job Snapshot—Review key dates and job progress, review contract amounts, estimate, budget, gross profit objectives, and invoice/payment information.
  • Notes – View and update correspondence instantly in the field.
  • Email – Send an email right from your job and it will automatically save it to your correspondence.
  • Documents/Pictures—View all your documents and pictures in the field. You can even upload new pictures directly from the job site
  • Equipment Tracking— Use your smartphone as a scanning device to track where all of your equipment is on the job.

Marketing and Sales Representatives!

  • Browse for contacts— Find contacts by address, company, name, and title.
  • Update Correspondence– View and update correspondence instantly in the field. Add notes about a meeting, phone call or event.
  • ICON Based—Simple easy to read icons take you where you need to go.
  • Tasks – Put in your task and follow-up To stay on top of new business.

No need to carry around a laptop or write everything down on a piece of paper only to re-enter it again. Keep track of everything you do to generate more business.

Note: Run a Sales Activity report with the click of a button to see everything your sales reps and marketers do!

Intuitive Mobile