Be Fully Connected

Along with Xactimate and XactAnalysis, Restoration Manager.NET can be integrated with most accounting applications ensuring a seamless back office infrastructure.

Restoration Manager.NET sets up a connection between your existing accounting, or job-costing system and your Restoration Manager.NET database.

Job information (billing contact, address, owner information, and customer relationship) and the estimate value is pushed from Restoration Manager.NET to your accounting application, using the Job ID as the key field. In turn, Restoration Manager.NET receives actual cost data, invoice, and collections information from your accounting system. The integration module allows you to control what data (and even how many jobs) are synchronized with Restoration Manager.NET, and how often.

The Restoration Manager.NET Synchronization application eliminates time and human error by synchronizing common fields and data used through your enterprise. As new information is entered in your existing systems, such as customers, jobs, and costs, this information is updated into your Restoration Manager.NET job management system to allow your team to focus on job management and customer service instead of spending their time doing data entry.

Applications Supported

  • Sage 300 (Timberline)
  • Quickbooks
  • Sage 100C (MasterBuilder)
  • Sage 50c (Peachtree)
  • Sage 50 (Simply Accounting)
  • A-Systems
  • Foundation Software
  • JD Edwards
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • Viewpoint Vista
  • Custom Applications
  • and more!

Business Process Flow

Here’s how it works. We install a Integration module on your desktop that can connect to you Accounting Database through ODBC that allows data to be passed from your Accounting system to Restoration Manager.NET on a scheduled basis, changes to your jobs, customers, and costs are sent to our Secure Data Center. The Restoration Manager.NETSynchronization application updates all changes (New records and changes to existing records) during the scheduled process.

Synchronization for Restoration Manager.NET

Data is sent in XML format and data mapping is set up custom to each customer’s specific needs

Don’t see your application on the list? Contact Service Software and talk to one of our synchronization experts. We have been able to synchronize with many custom applications and other ODBC-compliant applications. Typically, if we can have access to your data, we can provide some level of synchronization.